Experiences lift the spirits

I joined UROS LIVE Arena as a sales director this autumn, at a time when the event industry has been facing an unprecedented challenge. Many of us, both in and out of the event industry, have been affected by the exceptional circumstances, and we have developed new ways of coping during the pandemic. I’ve swapped dance practice for picking mushrooms and berries in the woods, and I’ve started taking a walk during my lunch break at the arena, which is under construction. UROS LIVE arena has now reached rooftop height. Amongst all this uncertainty, the construction site is turning into a unique event centre that will offer its visitors world-class experiences.

The event industry is facing completely new types of challenges, which professionals have dealt with, with special arrangements. This year has been demanding and instructive. We don’t know when the pandemic will be over and what events will be like in the future. Now that big events have been cancelled or postponed so far into the future, people long for them. I think that while digitalisation in the form of virtual events has changed the experience industry quite a lot, people still crave live events and shared experiences. My job is to plan and produce events to take place at the UROS LIVE arena once it is completed. This is in preparation for the time when live experiences and events are once again a central part of our lives. You can’t beat the excitement of the moment before the doors open and the vision and images become reality.

The UROS LIVE arena will be a unique venue for various sports and cultural experiences. The range of events that are available in Tampere will be considerably diversified, as the arena will be able to host anything from an atmospheric rock concert of 3,500 spectators to a big-name world tour concert with more than 15,000 spectators. As well as concerts, the arena will be able to host, for example, various galas, corporate events, seminars and esports events. It will be possible to adapt the arena for different events and requirements. I’ve danced ballet for a long time, and I’d love to see a great variety of arts performed in the arena, from circus to world-famous opera stars.

The central location of the UROS LIVE arena and the great transport connections will attract friends of experiences to Tampere from across Finland and overseas. Although the global economy is weak due to the pandemic, we are working hard to make the future better. The arena is employing about 500 people during the construction phase, and when the operations start, that number will be 600 and, during events, more than 1,200. The arena will also be a unique place for people in the event industry to work and perform.

All we can do now is wait and look after our own health and that of our loved ones, but soon we will be able to enjoy great events once again. In the meantime, let’s attend responsibly organised events, remembering social distancing, or enjoy events through digital recordings and live streaming. I have watched the Royal Opera House’s live streams and a few gigs in dark clubs from the comfort of my sofa this autumn. All kinds of experiences lift the spirits!

Elina Tikkakoski
Sales Director, UROS LIVE arena