Great network, stronger communications

The Arena’s partner companies’ network of communications staff had at a meeting at SEK in January. The upcoming events and communications topics for the new year were scheduled, and many new ideas also emerged. Tampere Deck Arena’s Managing Director, Marko Hurme, reminded the attendees of the strength of a partner network.

“Tampere Deck Arena is one of the most exciting experiences projects even on a global scale. Together with this amazing partner network, we can easily reach audiences of millions.”

2019 was the year in which the arena’s branding project was launched. Its communications got off to a good start in the late spring with the launch of its social media channels and website. The good news about the next-generation arena is now being relayed on several platforms.

“We’ve been able to start 2020 in a different place as people’s awareness of the arena has been taken to a whole new level, and we are now highlighting the numerous pioneering solutions the arena will be able to offer. An important part of this process is our newly-drafted responsibility programme,” says Marko.

Representatives from almost all stakeholders in the partner network attended the communications meeting, and the brainstorming was found to be very useful. It was decided that the next meeting will be held in spring in the place where it’s all happening: on the site in Tampere.